Island Style Jewelry | Finding Your Personal ‘Aumakua

Hawaiian local may wear a honu for his Island style jewelry!
Hawaiian with ‘aumakua tatoo!

Island Style Jewelry | Discovering Your ‘Aumakua

A large part of Island fashion is Island Style Jewelry. You see it everywhere. You see island style jewelry on TV sitcoms and TV shows that take place at beach town locations. Fish hook necklaces in movies that are situated in tropical locations. You’ll see puka shell jewelry, especially necklaces in commercials about exotic getaways.

 Come to Hawaii and you’ll see locals and tourists alike, wearing Island style jewelry daily. Even in the Midwest you might find a student wearing a surf pendant or coconut shell necklace to school. You may not be in “Island style” if you’re beach outfit doesn’t include some Polynesian or Hawaiian jewelry.

 In this article we’re going to focus on pendants. What pendants best represent your personal Island fashion style? We’re going to suggest looking in four places to find your own special pendant or talisman. This will help you find your personal Island style jewelry & ‘Aumakua.

Island Style Jewelry and Your Personal Experiences

  The 1st is in your personal experiences. Wearing a bone dolphin, shark, turtle or whale pendant necklace may provide you with an opportunity to share an experience. Did you vacation in Hawaii and go on a whale watching cruise and see a whale breach or a  “honu” (turtle) swim right by your boat on Maui? Maybe you were swimming in Hulopo’e Bay on Lanai and had the thrill a lifetime swimming near dolphins. Did you go down in a shark cage and have a Hawaiian shark encounter on the North Shore with your heart pumping to view sharks close up? 

Island Style Jewelry and Your Favorite Things

The 2nd place to look is in some of your favorite things. What is your favorite tropical animal or fish? Is your favorite Polynesian animal or fish a gecko, whale, shark, dolphin, or sea turtle? What is your favorite pastime? Do enjoy fishing? If so, perhaps a bone fish hook or a deep sea fish like a yellow fin tuna or mahi-mahi. Do you like to surf? Possibly you could wear a bone or pewter surfboard Island style jewelry pendant.

Next, are you an advocate for Marine life and mammals? Do you promote environmental awareness? If so, wearing a whale, dolphin or Honu pendant is a great way to share your passion about these magnificent creatures. Share your thoughts about the recent tragic death that occurred at Sea World in Orlando, Florida. Dawn Brancheau, a 40-year-old veteran trainer who adored whales, was rubbing  Tilikum, a killer whale, from a poolside platform when the 22 foot creature grabbed the woman’s ponytail in his jaws and pulled her in.

 What about dolphins?  Believe it or not, some species of dolphins are fast becoming an endangered species. Wearing dolphin jewelry may not directly save the lives of dolphins, but it will help other people become more aware of the situation surrounding these intelligent creatures.

Finally, you can learn about how animals and mammals are woven in the fabric of Native Hawaiian culture and history. Many early Hawaiians worshiped, cared for and protected these creatures as ‘aumakuas, guardians and guides, who were part of their ocean family. You can choose to learn from the Hawaiian culture ways to relate to these other creatures in your environment. So, how do you know what is your own ‘aumakua? An ‘aumakua can be any animal in the animal kingdom, a gecko, shark, owl, dolphin, deer, turtle, etc. That’s Island style jewelry!

 Look into your own life and see if ever there was a time where you were inspired or guided by one of God’s animal creatures. Have you had an awe-inspiring experience or break through where one of these creatures was present? Was there a time in your life when a miracle occurred and one of these animals was there? If so, be sure to “talk story” and share your experience when someone comments on your hand carved bone ‘aumakua necklace from Hawaii. What a great way to share about your authentic island style jewelry from Hawaii.

We hope this helps you to find your own ‘aumakua and personal island style jewelry! When you do discover what yours is please visit our our new store to find the perfect bone animal pendant necklace, shark tooth necklace, coconut shell necklace, and other Polynesian and Hawaiian jewelry you may be searching for.

Please leave a reply and let us know your own journey in finding your personal Island Style Jewelry  &  ‘aumakua!

4 Responses to “Island Style Jewelry | Finding Your Personal ‘Aumakua”

  • Good collection of Hawaiian jewelry.

  • Pat Glenn:

    My fish hook necklace arrived today via Amazon. It is beautiful and I left a review that is short but sweet. Your website offers many temptations (and the 20% off coupon makes buying inevitable), but it is also educational. I came to the fish hook necklace after becoming a fan of, first, IZ, and then the original Makaha Sons of Ni’ihau. We stayed in Kihei a couple of years ago. Now I want to see all the Islands. That is my intention. My daughter, who is a student of huna, has offered to help me find out what my personal ‘Aumakua’ is. I think I will take her up on it soon. Thank you for creating such beauty. I left my heart i Hawaii.

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