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Island Style Jewelry | Finding Your Personal ‘Aumakua

Hawaiian local may wear a honu for his Island style jewelry!
Hawaiian with ‘aumakua tatoo!

Island Style Jewelry | Discovering Your ‘Aumakua

A large part of Island fashion is Island Style Jewelry. You see it everywhere. You see island style jewelry on TV sitcoms and TV shows that take place at beach town locations. Fish hook necklaces in movies that are situated in tropical locations. You’ll see puka shell jewelry, especially necklaces in commercials about exotic getaways.

 Come to Hawaii and you’ll see locals and tourists alike, wearing Island style jewelry daily. Even in the Midwest you might find a student wearing a surf pendant or coconut shell necklace to school. You may not be in “Island style” if you’re beach outfit doesn’t include some Polynesian or Hawaiian jewelry.

 In this article we’re going to focus on pendants. What pendants best represent your personal Island fashion style? We’re going to suggest looking in four places to find your own special pendant or talisman. This will help you find your personal Island style jewelry & ‘Aumakua.

Island Style Jewelry and Your Personal Experiences

  The 1st is in your personal experiences. Wearing a bone dolphin, shark, turtle or whale pendant necklace may provide you with an opportunity to share an experience. Did you vacation in Hawaii and go on a whale watching cruise and see a whale breach or a  “honu” (turtle) swim right by your boat on Maui? Maybe you were swimming in Hulopo’e Bay on Lanai and had the thrill a lifetime swimming near dolphins. Did you go down in a shark cage and have a Hawaiian shark encounter on the North Shore with your heart pumping to view sharks close up? 

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